Late Morning

The sun blinks in and out

Behind the clouds

They cover and hide

And the room goes dark and bright

As they pass by

And the dog breathes deeper

In the spring breeze

The sound of waves


            And wind in the trees

All my black clothes holding the heat

And her, belly up

            Stretching out her feet


Can we stay here all day?

Alone together on the bed

We’ll find out soon

If dreams enter our head

All the clouds now have passed

And the sun steady in the sky

I’ll move when the time is right

That or when the coffee runs dry

When we finally get there

Listening to all the morning


The new dew of early dawn

Elixir of the day

When pen meets people

Out there

Knowing is time come again

Retreated beyond boundaries

Forever under whelmed

This time it’s easier to tell

Pulled towards heaven

            Away from hell

Personal problems personal

Passion holding up the will

Beyond wrong doing we

            Stand by and do nothing

Never arriving no where to go

The full moon rises again

And by that we measure change

And see it’s never the same

Accustomed  to  rust

simply    sufficient

it’s enough

walk  in      a    forest

always accompanied

time   &   time again

how    should       we    

fill the empty spaces 

where we  used to be           

me   we  you           I

scrape          by

setting          sun

through a  pin    hole

made           from   a        

vein               of gold                       

stars of nothing  new

pushed         by       

the                  tide

pushed  and   pulled


the       other      side

and the end   of time

it     all    -      always

accustomed   to  rust


&   turns  to       dust


& Constant rains
The land never changes
It will remain the same for ages
Ancient waterfalls in invisible castanets
The animals hidden from the winter or regrets
Conifer trees never leave- year-round and oh so soft

Deciduous-hard- slow growing and dense- ripe for burning
Salt spray and soils acidic- beach pea- nutrient poor moisture regime

Creeping Juniper- Ericaceous shrub- graminoids and Reindeer Lichens

Twenty-three types of lichens encompassing the Cladonia crispate

Frequently sub-mesic and ranges through xeric to subhydric
Pink Crowberry – Alpine Bilberry grow on barren rocks

Gnome Fingers and Shiny Gray Horsehair Lichen too

Frizzled Pincushion Moss and Dwarf Huckleberry

Cinnamon Fern on the thin veneer of glacial till
Coastal depressions left from ageless time
Leaving similar depressions in mind
Gritty Pixie-cup Lichen, Periwinkle
Cancer borealis- Jonah crab
Shamrock Orbweaver
Melospiza melodia
Red Fescue
And you


Spiral Light


It’s a sunbeam copper-tone

The way a chain drapes

over the edges of a countertop

And plants climb towards the sun

my love dresses all in white

Careful like lifting a diamond to the sky

lonely like a long summer night and

a chair so nice no one sits there anymore

lonely like an unused guitar

      standing in the corner


And a window framed in 3’s

with trees near and far and

                   a clear blue sky

The eternal press of time pushing down

            the taste of lavender and rose

lounging, spread over the newly

            routinely made bed spread

Early morning sun beams in your eyes

It’s a cinematic           movie camera

            cutting clips off the top and bottom

            Framing you in my heart

A motif- a theme throughout

            and no-one-on-the streets

The colour red in my head

                 when I turn away

                            from your violet light.


Awkward tensions holding us together

          and tonight, we find out

It’s the first of the month and I alone

            flip the calendar without you

            and last year’s mittens

                        climb out the closet   

                        past these precious thresholds

            perfumed with scents of my youth

   A list begun with no end in sight

a candle snuffed out without a fight


                        A Night’s Sky


The stars don’t all

come out at the same time

All the light needs time

to figure out its way

     it takes time

to know the sky

We rush and want

all the stars

            at the same time

We live and share

but never ever

      can we see

         The world through




We sit and share

and live and

            hold hands

on the same ocean shore

Yet never know

another mind

another mind

   we never know

   we never know

And the stars show up

one at a time

like all our good luck

piled up high


Full Circle




The sounds of nature’s breeze when I sigh

It’s come full circle

Like a necklace of gemstones

It goes on and on and on and on


A flowing river of pure anxiety

Forest air cures the feelings inside of me

Birds sing and sound free

The wild fox has broken stride

Concentration built up on anticipation

Running full speed between the lines


Nature brings us all down to our knees

And the flowing river- so clean

Makes the sound of wind in the trees

We speak the breeze

Our sounds are nature talking softly

Our words invented to tell lies


Otherwise, we can speak with our eyes

We can live with nature

Let it nurture us

But we are preoccupied with lives

That separate and divide

Eat up all that is good inside


The Earth can carry us only so far

It’s down river

Out with the tide

Full circle like the moon

Mist burning off after sunrise

Revealing a voice that truth cannot hide


In Memory


I am

Where I belong in the black winter darkness

Of the forest full moon sky

Christ crimson blue aesthetic prevails

It’s already written on the wall

Written on the grave

From day to day

Sails across your mind- breathed across rivers

Through waves of time

All already done you just have to sit back

You don’t need to rehash just take it fact by fact

The simplest moments make momentous movements


But you never chose this my friend -Only an echo of mind

Our only hope is a finish line

So sensuous like sunshine after a storm

Life’s a list so long you can never cross off your mind

One day soon you’ll have to choose

A stage or a cage- a flight or a rest


Struck -you make stories Up

To tell the world who you are -But

The world sees who you really are

One who never chose this

Just thrown into the unknown


So: dream on- sing songs

Hope we all get along

Bless this mess -but I digress

Forever falling forwards to the future

To die to-day at such a young age

During the parade/ a wind-up fate

Blank statement tidal waves

Say goodbye again today


And I can hear you calling

Through the cold winter morning

The clear blue sky amplifying

Crisp winter diamonds hanging in the air

Creating waves craving days

Where wonder wanders over

Yonder feeling fresh eyes and breezes form

Left over seasons

We coalesce and confess our dying day


Maybe Today


A time before you knew the sight of birds

Fluttering by behind windows reflecting sun

We all go West once in our lives

Truncated and wise we devise tries to reclaim creation

What it feels like to fall -we carry so many defeats

Stack up -they stack up -they are forgotten families held

Tight by bonds of insanity


Clouds like roses fall from the sky

Fingers melt below the sea

Across the sky from blue of night from left to right

Right before the black-blue to yellow and deep orange sight

Play it backwards -play it forewarned to stay the night


Dream on all you dreamers in the dead black

Of night- pupils still swollen and sore

Darker than closing a door next to midnight

Blind as the sea

According to the sun- run run run far away

To be free, hide your face ‘neath the time

With hands open wide -weighed

Down by the masses -to grasp you -Finally

Really ready for the moment

Of elastic static- Time crunched beneath the skin


The deepest bridge -spanning the Grand

Scheme of Sins

Victoria Memorial.jpg

One sparrow living

To its best ability

Making sure its nest is

Clean and ready

For love or for what

Because that’s what we do

And better off

     Not asking why

Ask why we cannot

Rest even when

     The job is done

Is it because our minds

Cannot find a final state

Always another thing to do

Another distraction

     On the horizon

Around the corner

     Coming up from the depths

Of ancient DNA

One time it was yesterday

Accumulated on top of still surfaces

Though it's all moving so fast

Even dust does not last

Sedimentary stillness

Built up by the last to come

When things slow down

     And we carve out space

That’s when we come face to face

     With a mirror of yesterday


This Place is a Very Fine Place to Be


Like a palimpsest our records show

Seeking silence we go below

All at once and in between

All at once and in between

All at once a painted picture of the past

Made to last - laid over layers of time

Sentience intertwined

This New World is burning

It’s folding

It’s rotten

It’s gone

Look at nature

At the dog

Look at the birds

The bears

The fish

The cats

The rats

The squirrels

The lichen

The moss

The trees

The bees





The whales

The sharks

The ecosystem

The moon

We all carry on - it’s nothing new

It’s a long wide view

A fine place to be

A fine dot on a long line

A fine dot so small and frail

Just a mark on a trail

You’re on a path

When you arrive - you go back

And that old path is new

Our minds are the paths they follow forever

We are this trail

Full of discarded sea junk washed ashore

We are so much coloured foam

And metal turned to rust

We are drops of water in a vast sea

Up against windows drawn by the dawn

We are frozen bits accumulated into icicles

Forever fixed in a shape of something so real

We are cloth draped over and plants piled high

And lists of lists to accomplish

We are stale and stagnant until we’re dynamic

We regurgitate ancient images of forgotten dreams

We’re a dog scratching its own behind

We’re starving children on TV

We’re the fly buzzing around your condominium

We’re a sigh and a lean

We’re a dream

A projection

A reflection


A gentle breeze in this room here

Squeezes the moisture from my skin

Swishes across my dried-out lips

There is no time here not even the sun

It’s hidden by clouds blown on the wind

All the rooms occupants, (plants and lamps

Left on to fight against the morning light

Or lack of light this morning)

We all wait for a warning of the time

At 10 o’clock we’ll get up and go outside

And return to this room or that one

This bed or that table and chairs

The plants posture stalled in mid-air

One of those tormented poses reaching for

The sun that is not present today

Together we wait, a new breeze crosses

Over me. Together on this special day

 Not at all like yesterday


Silence is as silence does

It is not a creaky chair

Or a sigh

The smell of cooked meat

Or the bubble of Champaign


Holding silence the walls bend

Everybody is satisfied

And nobody talks as we drive

Silence is an illusion

But so is every colour


Silence only invites intrusion

In the void that is the mind

The dark deep place

That comes in the middle of sleep

A bowl of memories full


Has no use to keep


Oh my God

What kind of man

            I want to be

Walking in from the street

Carrying what ever they do

            What kind of man are you

I get to choose

            When I witness the stream

I can see all the men I do not

            Want to be

And overhear their lives

Making a picture in my mind

Casting shadows on the

            Thresholds I have

In or on my mind a

            Different face entering

A new land somewhere

A man like me can live

Oh my God please please me

Tell me what kind of man

                        To be

Oh God what kind of animal

            Do I want to be?

One that can play the guitar

Or do nice things

            Reach for things and alter

Your mind

Oh God let me choose

From more than there is

            To see

            What there is to be

And what is

            Should I be patient

            And pay attention

Should I give it a squeeze

Choose the right kind of animal

            To be

One who leans on park benches

Or swings through trees

Should I be that sort of animal

God won’t you help me please?


A robin bounced

Up cautiously

One morning

Bounced its way

Closer to me

Though I was

High behind a window

It bounced once

And again

Up the driveway

Onto the stone path

Red coat yellow beak

I knew it was a Robin

Arms tucked gracefully

Behind its back


It bounced its way

To me and

Out of sight

So gracefully


In the middle of these

Broken down lands

Change comes knocking

No more


We will wilt below the weight

The random accusations

Of storms at your door


This old dog needs a walk

We all need a place

To find nature under foot


But homes need building

Like a birds nest needs done

Too many chicks need raising


And there’s no more space

For wild deer grazing

And wild animals come knocking

At your door


Quixotic I return here


Like still water

            Or tea

Liquor sat out on the window sill

Waiting for someone to spill


Silence is as silence does

It is not a creaky chair

Or a sigh

Holding silence the walls bend

Everybody is satisfied

And nobody talks as we drive


Silence only invites intrusion

In the void that is the mind

Good thing we want more

Because that’s all there is

It’s what we have in store


Same thing we had yesterday

There’s always more pain

Never enough of what you want

Though we don’t know

What’s good for us and what is not


I am lost inside but I drive

And the world spins

            Around my wheels

Sealed off from the outside

Left nothing but a will this time


Our days start before the sun

Sky illuminated to announce

It’s imminent rise

Lights up the sky and this room


One needs to come up

The other to come down

Like eye lids we meet

But do not see

            Eye to eye


Will you help me if I fall

            And what if it happens again?

You don’t have to answer now

Just help me to understand when

            When the clouds tuck the sun to bed

And the day comes to an end


The crucial crucible

Follows the leader

And I clean up to go

            And meet her

Time ticks by the way I’m living

Watching you from the window

Feeding the dog under the table

Finding freedom in exchange

            For time


Wonder wonder which is mine

Wander wander everywhere

            When the time is right

The outside is where

We all breath and

Trade a day for a night